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"You made a very difficult time easier to deal with in the compassion and consideration you and your staff showed to us all"


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Answering your questions


We get a lot of questions, and we're always happy to answer. The most convenient way to get your answer is to give us a call on 01284 723 889, but we have also outlined some of the common questions we get here on our website.



+ What happens during the funeral arrangement?


+ Where is my relative taken between the time of death and the funeral?


+ Can we visit the deceased and pay our last respects?


+ Is a burial more expensive than a cremation?


+ What are doctors forms / cremation forms?


+ How many people can be seated in the limousine?


+ How do we know what to do at the funeral?


+ Can the family carry the coffin?


+ Can a member of the family take part in the service?


+ Do I have to wear black to a funeral?


+ Is there such a thing as a more ecological funeral?


+ Does the Funeral Director have to do everything?


+ Can we choose what music is played at the crematorium?


+ I want some rock music played, will I be allowed to?


+ I don't go to church, so I do not know a Vicar to take the service.


+ I'm an athiest, can I still have a funeral?


+ We have a mix of religions and faiths in our family, what do we do?


+ Does the coffin move after the funeral service at the crematorium?


+ Are the handles on the coffin removed before the creamtion takes place?


+ Is each cremation carried out individually?


+ Do I get the cremated remains back that belong to me?


+ How will I know who attended the funeral?


+ What about catering after the funeral?


+ Can we request donations to charity?


+ What can I do with the cremated remains?


+ I want to take the cremated remains to our favourite holiday destination to be scattered, is that possible?


+ It seems such a waste to leave the flowers at the crematorium, can I take them away?


+ What happens with the funeral account?


+ We have no money, savings or insurance cover and cannot afford a funeral, what will happen?


+ How soon after a burial can I put a headstone on the grave?